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•Can Gate control automate my existing manual gates?

Answer: Depending on what type of gate you have & what the gate is attached too, yes Gate Control can automate existing manual gates. However, a survey visit from one of our engineers will confirm either way.


•Can I have a gate fitted on my driveway even though it’s on a slope?

Answer: The short answer is probably yes.  If you have a sloping drive the best solution would be to have sliding gates fitted as swing gates would be restricted.  Once you have a survey done by one of our engineers they will be able to go through all of the available options.


•What happens if an object obstructs the gate?

Answer: If the gate senses an obstruction, it will reverse direction and switch itself off.


•What happens in the event of a power cut? Am I trapped?

Answer: In the event of a power cut, you would locate the manual override keys & let yourself out.


•How do I allow access for visitors?

Answer: It all depends on which system you have installed.  However, the most common is the predetermined 4-digit code on a keypad, which can be punched in on entry.  Other systems include CCTV-Number plate recognition, Audio entry.  A survey by our engineer will provide you with all options available.


•What measures do Gate control take to minimise risk?

Answer: A full Risk Assessment will be carried out before any work is undertaken by Gate Control , safety is our prime concern.


•If I’m looking for a one-off design, will you provide me with drawings beforehand?

Answer: We will provide you with drawings for your approval before we go ahead & manufacture anything.


•Do you offer Service/maintenance contracts for gates?

Answer: Under the Health & Safety Regulations you have a responsibility to have all automated gates maintained by a qualified engineer.  Gate Control can offer you complete peace of mind with our maintenance contracts.

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